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Microsoft is also improving the accessibility for screen readers, text scaling and more. The update now makes use of assistive technologies already available in the operating system. To activate the dark theme for Notepad++ application, launch the Notepad++ application on your computer. From the Menu, click Settings and select Preferences. The Notepad dark theme looks so nice and feels better compared to the light theme. If you are a person who spends a lot of time staring at screens, Dark mode may work to decrease eye strain and dry eye.

There are three methods to split the Notepad++ screen. You can use any of them to split your main screen. You are now ready to set this path in your FileZilla.

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You can write in HTML with CSS and preview in all the major browsers. You don’t have to switch programs to FTP content to the web server. If you are familiar with using or writing macros, you can even build your own. WinMerge is an open-source application that you can use to compare both files and folders. The application works just like the application mentioned above. You browse the two files you want to compare, and the application gives you a report highlighting changes between the two files.

  • Yes, Notepad is a text editor included with the Windows operating system.
  • If the filename was a .png, it will open up your default png-image editing application with that filename.
  • This setting immediately enables the dark theme for Notepad.
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Keep in mind that deleting the config file could lead to losing other settings as well. If you set the Transparency settings to Always, the search results will go permanently transparent or invisible. Many users noticed the NotePad++ Search Results window does not always show up. If you want the application always accessible in an instant, I’ll show you how you can pin it to your Taskbar in a matter of moments.

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On the keyboard, simultaneously press the “Windows” key and the “R” key. In the search box for the Run command, type “notepad” without the quotes, and hit enter. Once you have opened the new Notepad, you will need to repeat steps one through three to open another notepad. While you can use Sublime with many programming languages, its Python support is one of the best. Sublime is written in C++ and Python, making it fast, with plenty of customization options.

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But like Solitaire, they are simply part of Windows. And while we’re at it, Microsoft should bring back an officially supported version of Space Cadet 3D Pinball. File type associations created by the self-service plug-in.

If you have unchecked the Show Identical Items from the View menu in WinMerge, it only shows you the list of modified, left-only and right-only files. It’s easy to synchronize the items from left → right, or vice versa. Despite the excellent ASCII & binary comparison and basic sync capabilities, WinDiff is often an underrated tool among IT folks.

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